Trump Hair Growth Drug Name

Yes, the entire world is talking about Trump, his family, his opinions and decisions these last couple of months. Whether you like him or not, he is popular and charismatic and now president of one of the most powerful and rich countries in the world. Do not worry, this article does not have to do with politics, in fact, there are a few information that you could find interesting.

For example, Trump is known for having a condition called rosacea a chronic inflammatory skin condition and he has it under control thanks to tetracycline antibiotics. He also takes child’s aspirin every day reduce heart failures and he follows a finasteride treatment to avoid prostate cancer, which also has very good results in growing scalp hair. Trump hair growth drug favorite brands are Propecia and Rogaine.

All of this is publicly known as Dr. Harold Bornstein, who has been the president’s physician for almost 40 year, made this statement publicly, declaring that his health care is up to date. This awareness rise from some media declaring Trump as the oldest president America has ever had and apparently, they believed it necessary to make the proper statements about the president’s health although nobody from the White House had asked for medical records.